Funky Hatted Witches

Professionally printed on heavy weight cardstock, a set of
five art cards 2.5" x 3.5" size. COA on back. Signed by me
on the back. What a fun collection for Halloween treats!
On sale now at my Etsy shop: Boodies

ACEO = Art Cards, Editions and Originals

I first learned about ACEOs when I joined eBay and was listing my household items there. I was asked to join a group of people who were from Michigan, called Michigan Buyers and Sellers. In that group was a girl named Darla who asked me if I'd like to join an art group called A & AE. That stands for ATCs and ACEO Enthusiasts. ATC stands for Art Trading Cards.

I have been forever grateful to Darla for introducing me to this group, established by a fantastic artist, Jillian Crider. Visit Jillian's website or Facebook page, she has been the most influential artist type person to me!

An ACEO art card is always one that is sold, an ATC art card is a 'trading' card, so it's always traded!

Some people call this type of small format art (or SFA) 'sketch cards' now. You can GOOGLE ACEO or ATC or SMALL FORMAT ART and get tons of information about these wonderful, tiny treasures!

Many people love collecting them because it is a very affordable way to own art from your favorite fine artists. They are also so much fun to make, it's a great hobby for anyone, even kids! There are still many ACEO artists who only create these works of art, always and ONLY in 2.5" x 3.5" size. Whether altered or layered, collage work or even 'mechanical' with moving parts, ACEOs are a truly wonderful way to create and collect unique and varied works of art.

Displaying ACEOs and ATCs can be challenging and quite varied too. I've seen them displayed in albums, matted and framed, with holes punched in the corners and strung with ribbon or braided yarn to make bunting flags, even made into mobiles!

With that, I will be posting my ACEO art here, some of which are listed at my Etsy shop now. I'm looking forward to creating them and sharing them with you!

For more information about ACEOs, visit these sites:
ACEO at eBay
ACEO Art Cards

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