Tuesday, June 4, 2013

June has arrived!

Time for dads, grads and vacations! Gardens are planted, kids are anxious to get out of school by the end of May or beginning of June! The nights are warmer (hopefully!) and the berries are starting to pop out on the vine! You've made plans for a week at the cabin on the lake or you're going camping, or maybe going to visit a tourist attraction, like a water themed park of some sort. 

Maybe you'll take 'day' trips and check out all the great sights and festivals in your own neck of the woods this year. There's a lot more going on in our own back yards and with the availability of online advertising, Facebook pages and Twitter, it's easier to find out what is going on all around us! I've found out about museums and parks, festivals and craft fairs and shows just by searching Facebook pages!

June weddings are taking place in this lovely time of the year too! It's the perfect season for that most magical and special day of all! 

For all of your special moments, memories and many happy times, take your camera, take lots of pictures! When you get home and finally have a quiet moment to sit and gather and edit your treasured keepsake photos, make sure you have the perfect graphics and layouts, digital papers and all sorts of wonderful digital designs to enhance your photo treasures! Create lovely pages for your digi-scrapbooks and printables using the most beautifully made graphics by the fabulous designers from Etsy's team 'Digital Designers'!

I am proud to be a member of this fine Etsy team and we are presenting our second Facebook Hop on June 5th, via Facebook! So, come on over, visit our Home Page and then take a HOP on over to all of the team member's Etsy shops and Facebook pages. LIKE their pages and then click on the FREEBIES tab to get access to a huge variety of free downloads, tons of adorable graphics, digital papers, scrap-kits and so much more! We love creating and we love our 'giveaways' as much as we love our wonderful customers!

and don't forget to simply click 'LIKE' on each page, then click on the FREEBIE tab to obtain your free digital downloads! TOUs will be provided for each artists free graphics!

Create truly lovely keepsakes of your special occasions with super graphics!

I do custom orders for you!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

April Showers

Seems that spring hasn't totally sprung here in south central Michigan yet, bummer! It's still quite chilly, been mostly gray days and lots of rain. The water barrels are full, the rivers are high and there is standing water in so many of the fields that we drove by the other day.

Some of my flowers have sprouted, the crocus' and some tulips, but the buds on the bushes and trees are not quite ready to pop out just yet, they are really taking their time. They must be saying 'No! I'm not coming out until it's warmer!'

I've been having fun filling these gray days by working on my digital art for my Etsy shop, so that brings a happiness to me. I've been needing to get my shop totally updated, sorted and revised for quite some time now, so the weather has helped me to achieve that goal. When it's sunny and warm outside, it's quite hard for me to sit at the computer. The outdoors just calls to me, 'Come outside and play!' and it makes me want to take walks or ride my moped around town.

I know that it will all change, the weather will finally behave and become what it is supposed to be at this time of year. I just hope that it doesn't get too hot too fast!

With that, it's time for more coffee and time to create more digi stamps and clip art sets, more digital papers (my newest crave) and some items that have been rumbling around in my brain for a while now. I want to start making more paper craft templates, folded and glued paper projects! My first one is going to be a pin wheel so look for a freebie digi stamp that you can color and cut soon!

Looking forward to May flowers!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

MARCH on Spring!

Yes indeed! March on! I saw a robin yesterday, my second sighting. I saw one about a month ago! My guy, Randy, said she saw two at his place of work about two weeks before I did! They are definitely here early, I think! They are brave little birdies to be able to handle this cold and snowy weather!

Today we have a high temp of 54 degrees! I had to run outside and just open my arms wide, face into the sun, like a lemur, soaking up all those warm, golden, energizing, life giving rays! Oh, I hated to come back inside. But, I have things I must tend to on my Etsy shop and I haven't posted anything here is so long!

There are some Easter freebies for you, click the tab above! Enjoy coloring! Happy Easter, happy spring!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Welcome! Come on in!

Hello there and welcome to my newest blog page! I'm excited to be here and excited that you have joined me!

My goal for this site is to offer artsy-craftsy, fun type projects for kids of all ages as well as informative, interesting articles and links to all sorts of creative places. Expect to find great freebies including clip art, scrapbook page kits, quick pages and cards, printables, paper crafts and so much more! I'm excited about it, I hope you are too and will visit again soon!